These best air compressor type included in the group piston compressors. But the layout is separated by a membrane piston diaphragm. Incoming and outgoing air is not directly related to parts moving reciprocally. The existence of this room air separation will be maintained and free of moisture and grease / oil. Therefore, best air compressor compressors are widely used in food industry, pharmaceuticals, medicines and chemicals.

The principle of best air compressorworks almost the same as piston compressors. The difference there is in the best air compressor system that will go into the compressed air storage tanks. Piston compressor diaphragm is not directly sucking and compressing air, but move a membrane (diaphragm) first. From the movement of the diaphragm deflated flowers that will suck and compressing air into the storage tube. Screw best air compressor has two rotors are mutually coupled or interlocked (disengagement), which has a concave shape, while others are convex, so that the air can move axially to the other side. The second rotor is synonymous with a pair of helical gears interlocked. If the gears are straight, then the best air compressor can be used as a hydraulic pump in the hydraulic aircraft. Gears of screw compressors must be placed in the houses the gear properly so it can really suck and pressing the fluid.

Rotary best air compressor Skateboard In eccentric rotor mounted in a rotating cylindrical house, had holes in and out. The advantage of this type of best air compressor is to have a short and small, thus saving space. Even his voice was not noisy and smooth inside, can deliver and produce air continuously steadily. Sliding vane inserted in the holes incorporated in the rotor and the room with the cylindrical wall forms. When the rotor starts spinning, centrifugal force energy rotors will be up against a wall. Because of the shape of the house propeller itself is not concentric with the rotor, the size of the room can be enlarged or reduced according to the entry direction (flow) of air.