As the name implies, stone black opal has a black background with color play a variety of colors . Although the mohs scale of 5.5 to 6.5, but this stone remained solid and not brittle if scratched. Unlike the synthetic stones are made of glass / crystal to be easily scratched if hit by hard objects on the surface. Opal Engagement Rings nice to have a complete color and issued lustrous colors like diamonds. Smooth stone fibers and pores are not visible surface section (His perfect stone has pores that if polishing result good then these pores will be closed perfectly). Black opal has two kinds of criteria, there are opaque when illuminated with a flashlight (usually black opal porcelain that is so), and there is also a solid and opaque colored flashlight / opaque (generally is still a material). When scratched with sandpaper, black opal residues not black. Surface of Opal Engagement Rings nice opals will look like glazed ceramic if formed. Some traders and craftsmen black opal stone ever met says if the Opal Engagement Rings has a distinctive aroma residue if it is being carried out the process of forming or sanding. One factor is due to His perfect tree has a distinctive aroma.

Many Opal Engagement Rings craftsmen who prefer materials with pattern talent to be maximized by using some special treatment such as soaking in oil / Special fluids or heated. As for the success rate of this method pattern Opal Engagement Rings development expenditure cannot be measured with certainty because it depends on the quality of the ingredients. If you want to buy a black opal, it is advisable to select materials that already have the talent pattern or finished to facilitate maintenance. Heavy-opal, as Diamonds, also measured in karats. The higher the karat on Opal Engagement Rings, the more expensive the stone. Try to weigh gems with your own hands to see if the stone is heavy enough to be considered real.