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Which to Choose, Vertical or Horizontal Sliding Windows?

Friday, October 14th, 2016

When faced to a question which type of sliding windows the best suitable for you, vertical or horizontal windows, you probably have to understand and took a full consideration of all the advantages and disadvantages from each type before you decided to call your trusted residential glass replacement service, Superior Glass.

The first type we will get to know better is the vertical sliding windows. This type of window is usually called single hung window. They operate by opening the sash upwards and pull it downwards to close them. Provides great insulation, there is minimal risk of draft that usually caused by another type of windows that can’t shut inaccurately. This model of windows you would likely find in many commercial building because they are easy to operate and ideal to small window area. However, the panes will lose the strength quickly and will slide down automatically. This could cause damage to the glass and the frame.

For those who prefer larger opening, the horizontal sliding windows could be the best type for your window. The windows are easier to reach, and the children could easily access and operate them. Just need to slide to the side, then you will get great ventilation. Usually, these types of windows are more affordable if compared to another window. Easier to clean, is another advantage from horizontal sliding windows. However, the window often stuck in the runner, get sticky then hard to move.

With all the advantages and disadvantages from each type of windows, hopefully you would know which types are better to be installed to your home. When you have set your mind, Superior Glass won’t hesitate to help you and guarantee that you will get the best service for your windows. If you still have doubts on which to choose, call them now to get free estimate at