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What Penny Stocks Should I Buy? And Which One Should Invest In?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Financial specialists ought to just purchase penny stocks that exchange on a noteworthy stock trade like the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. Penny stocks recorded on these trades are less unsafe in light of the fact that they have stringent prerequisites for budgetary reporting contrasted with lesser-known trades. As it were, these organizations can’t rip off speculators since they need to discharge quarterly income that gages their money related wellbeing. These income are considered “report cards” since they track execution measurements like income and working expenses. This doesn’t mean an ensured benefit, however, it is a sign your penny stock isn’t a trick.

One of the best penny stocks to purchase in 2016 is Neonode Inc. or NEON. Neonode creates optical innovation that makes standard surfaces like counters or tables touchscreen-competent. The organization’s innovation utilizes light bars to transform these surfaces into touchscreen surfaces for individuals to utilize cell phones and tablets. Cash Morning keeps up NEON stock will surge on account of the innovation’s solid interest from firms like Lexmark International Inc. or LXK.

Here’s another of our top penny stocks to purchase, which could pick up a monstrous 2,275% in only four years.