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How to Save Money With Shower Head Water Filters

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

The chlorine in our municipal water supplies is meant to help us, but there are some potential health hazards to using chlorinated water, especially to bathe in. Because of this, a growing number of people are choosing to install shower best shower head for money their homes. The kind of shower filters you should look for are those that not only remove chlorine from the water but also the man other common contaminants found in water supplies.

I know that there are dozens of shower head water filters to choose from and that they all seem the same. Not all of them measure up though so you have really go to take your time in order to make sure that you are getting the one that offers you the most protection, and not simply the best price.

That is not to say that the best shower filters have got to be the most expensive, because that is not the case. You just cannot rush out there and grab whatever saves you the most money is all that I am saying. Take for example the following comparison between a $70 model, and its $85 competitor.

The cheaper model may sound good at first; but when you find out that the filter has to be replaced every three months at a cost of $25 each time, you may not feel quite the same. Now assume that the $85 filter needs a filter replacement every six months, at a cost of $42. In this example, the more expensive filter ends up being a much better value.

Going further, you find that the $70 filter is only able to take about half of the chlorine out of your water and that the $85 filter not only removes 90% of the chlorine from your water, but also three other hazardous substances. This is why you should carefully examine the real costs of every shower head filter before making a purchase.

Good shower head water filters will remove at least a few contaminants from your water as well as chlorine. Try to find a filter which also removes most of the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from your water. These can be very dangerous if you inhale them on a regular basis, such as while showering.

THMs (trihalomethanes) are something that the best shower filters will also remove. These compounds are made as part of the same disinfection processes which use chlorine to treat municipal water supplies. When these compounds are vaporized they become chloroform gas, which you of course would rather not be inhaling every day as you shower.

Shower head water filters are a low cost but efficient way to protect the health of your family by making sure that the water you bathe in is safe and free of chlorine and other contaminants. The best shower filter for your home is one which removes chlorine and other potentially dangerous substances at a price which fits into your household budget.

As you shop for shower head water filters, just remember to look at performance before price; and be sure to factor in maintenance costs before you decide which shower filter is really the best deal.